Morsø outdoor oven.

    With the award-winning Morsø Forno oven you can take your outdoor cooking to a whole new level!

    Whether you enjoy your fish or steak grilled on sizzling charcoals, your vegetables cooked to perfection or your homemade bread baked into a savoury golden-brown–the Morsø Forno can deliver everything to your palate packed with flavour!

    The unique style of the Morsø Forno oven makes it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a modern take in design and in cooking.

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    Morso forno grillahi
    Price: 1299 €
    D: 700mmx600mm
    Weight: 96 kg

    Oven technical manual

    Morso garden helpdesk
    Price: 749 €
    Morso Terra helpdesk
    Price: 499 €
    Grill Forno
    Price: 699 €
    Morso forno door
    Price: 99 €
    Morso forno cover
    Price: 89 €
    Pizza spade
    Price: 69 €
    Price: 99 €
    Price: 75 €
    Price: 199 €