The little oven is the smallest member of our family of pizza ovens. The mini is the greatest size for a small family because you can cook one dish at a time, but the pizza takes only 90 seconds to prepare, giving you plenty of time to prepare a large quantity. The average amount of firewood used is 5+5 kg, and the average burning time is 2 hours. The width and height of the furnace mouth are 450 mm and 230 mm, respectively. Our most popular model, the medium-sized oven, has a mouth that is 660mm if you require a huge mouth

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    Pizza oven mini 63

    Width: 830mm
    Depth: 900mm
    Height: 470mm
    Weight: 180 Kg.
    Mouth height: 230 mm
    Mouth width: 450mm
    Smoke pipe: 130 D
    Price: 800.00
    Sale price: 690.00 €

    Cooking area 650mm

    Setting up our little wood-fired pizza oven

    On the Mediterranean Sea shore, ovens are produced. Greek factory Thermozel. One of the few businesses in the world authorized to manufacure stone pizza ovens is Thermozel.

    The oven consists of 2 parts - the cooking area one part and the dome construction second part.Chimney 130mm