Module kitchen with wood-burning oven

    Price 6500.00 €

    We have been building and designing custom outdoor kitchens for over 15 years and our passion is to deliver a climate-proof kitchen that matches any customer´s needs and style.

    As we set out to find the best oven for our kitchen module, we had three criterias–versatility, effectiveness and style. The wood-fired oven checks all these boxes as it can be used as a fireplace, a charcoal grill or a pizza oven. In addition, it does not take up the valuable space in the module kitchen and unlike other outdoor ovens it stores heat. And no one can look past the style the oven gives to our unique kitchen!
    Keeping in mind that our kitchen module is designed specifically for the customer and made to last, we are able to offer a wide range of long-lasting stainless-steel equipment and a large variety of interior design elements such as decorative stones, thermo-treated wood or oakwood drawers and granite countertops.

    With our modular kitchen you do not have to worry about the weather doing any damage as it is made out of high-quality and durable weatherproof materials–inside and out!

    Modular kitchen specifications:

    Dimensions-3700mm x 600mm
    Inside module with the oven-1400mm x 1400mm
    Framing-wood or metal
    Pizza oven-available in different sizes. Colours-black, white and yellow
    Granite countertop-available in different patterns and colours
    Stone finishing-various decorative and natural stone structures and colours
    Brushed stainless steel sink and faucet
    Cabinet doors and drawers-natural oak or thermo-treated wood
    Chimney-stainless steel (Vilpra) that can be custom painted